Friday, July 21, 2006

noel cabangon: himig nating pag-ibig

listening to noel cabangon's latest album is one heavenly experience. noel cabangon; "himig nating pag-ibig" is the much awaited third album from noel cabangon. this is his most commercialized album. his sophomore album, "huwag mangamba; mga awit ng pagtatagpo" a christian album, released in 2005, and his first solo album "pasakalye" a folk-like, environmental music satire, not that popular to your average music listeners, and cd buyers. every album has its own theme, which makes listening to all his album feels like a roller coaster ride. himig nating pag-ibig is a 14-track album, plus an additional track. classic covers like juan dela cruz band's "ang himig natin" and asin's "ang himig ng pag-ibig" are used as opening tracks. this is noel's most diverse album ever to date; an album to everyone which caters people with different moods; melancholic, religious, hopeful, responsible, calm, nationalistic, happy, innocent, devoted, alone, joyful, searching, and confused.
"ang himig ng pag-ibig" is a very calm and nostalgic rendition of a classic original pinoy rock song, impressively sung and accompanied by an acoustic guitar. a personal favorite, even the original song by lolita carbon, the female lead singer of the defunct 70's folk group, asin. "sa pagpatak ng ulan" is also another nice track. i am not certain if this was an original song composed for cesar montano, a local tv personality. it is very relaxed, and very bossa nova (similar to the samba that originated in brazil in the early 60's). "nang ikaw ay dumating" is another impressive song. the jazzy instruments, and the virile vocals of noel, make this song a personal favorite. this is a tangible proof, burned on a disc, especially composed that only his avid fans can encrypt. "kanlungan" has been everyone's favorite ever since it was featured as a background music for a fast food commercial. time, past, future, life, hope, are the song's theme. it was beautifully restored with piano and guitar as the accompaniment. no more drums, no more bass, just pure music; a pure masterpiece. "uunahin ko kayo" is the best track in the album, a song about being responsible to the most important people in the world, our family. lyrics are carefully placed on each line, not overwhelming, but strong yet simple.

himig nating pag-ibig promises great recognition not just from his followers, but from the music critique. noel has gathered great respect for his music, but still remains the same simple artist that we all have known. noel, if you can see this, you have my respect, as an artist, and to your passion, your music.

video credits
: -photos were taken from trekearth
-video editing softwares picture package and sony vegas
-songs taken from noel cabangon 's album "himig nating pag-ibig"
-video edited, directed, and produced by wencel angeles

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