About Us

Biyaheng Pinoy was inspired by a local travel program called "Travel Time," hosted by Susan Calo Medina. Its blog owner had tried to stay away from work as much as possible, just to do the things he loved the most: photography, video production, travel, and food.  The blog layout must be the same with the others, but the passion and dedication given to this blog is beyond compare.

Biyaheng Pinoy only started in 2006 as a simple personal blog.  It's an electronic version of a personal diary, something that helps you look back and remember the places you've been to, the things you've thought of.  A few months after, comments started to come in and kind words were received from total strangers around the globe.  They've expressed their happiness and excitement upon finding the blog.  It made them realize how greatly they've missed the Philippines and how much they wanted to come for a visit .  From then on, Biyaheng Pinoy has been providing educational entertainment to everyone of all ages.  This blog promotes local tourism, arts, food, music, literature, culture, and sometimes sports.  

Biyaheng Pinoy was an official finalist at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards for Best Travel Blog.

Meet The Faces Behind Biyaheng Pinoy:

Wencel (Administrator/Owner) is a 34-year old freelance photographer and video editor. Started taking pictures when he was only 5 years old with his father, a hobbyist photographer, as his mentor. His first camera was a Ricoh SLR film camera which his father bought in Riyadh when he was only two years old. He tried digital photography in 2003. He took two years of Computer Programming and another two years of Computer Engineering in a university in Makati City. Worked as a technical support agent in Quezon City for 4 years. Left his well-paying job because he couldn't stand seeing his ugly supervisor everyday. He loves to travel, read books, and eat good food. He sometimes regrets that he should have taken Culinary Arts in college instead. He's a frustrated chef. His favorite place in the country is Sagada because of its cold climate, beautiful mountains, majestic views, and very loving people.

A part-time English tutor, an occasional babysitter, event organizer, web developer, and a tour guide to foreign visitors. He's a big Michael Jackson fan, and loves to listen to the music of Annie Lennox, Maxwell, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Simply Red, Anggun, Brian McKnight, Paulinho Moska, Bjork, Josh Groban, Katchafire, Norah Jones, Lemar, Joe Hisaishi, Binky Lampano, Noel Cabangon, Rico J. Puno, and Cynthia Alexander. He sometimes dreams of visiting Japan someday. He owns a dog named Ash and an adopted cat named Ming. He also maintains a local blog called Marikeno and a restaurant blog called The Sagada Lemon Pie House.  Email him at info.biyahengpinoy@gmail.com.

Vena (Correspondent) is currently working in a leading property management company in Makati City, engaging in sustainable development and green initiatives.  Her witty humor, strong-willingness, and adventurous personality helped her become a successful career woman in her own right.   She likes to eat and would definitely eat anything as long as it's not icky looking. She has good social skills and can mingle with people from all walks of life and has been awarded with hundreds of friends and associates everywhere.  She is a full-blooded Marikeno and her parents' ancestors all lived in Marikina all their lives.

Delia (Correspondent) was born in the Province of Antique, Panay Island.  She's a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City.  She is currently employed at American Chamber Foundation Philippines, Inc. as a Program Manager.  Her interest includes travel, photography, arts and culture, and recently, stamp collecting.  She likes organizing groups for local traveling and other social activities.  She's fun, perky, and very friendly.  Her lovable personality gains her lots of friends.  She is currently based in Makati City but regularly visits her hometown.  Her main goal is to visit all the provinces of the Philippines.

 Mela (Correspondent) grew up in Quezon City.  She graduated in 2004 from a prestigious school in Manila, majored in BS Information Management.  Her current job position is a Virtual Training Producer in Makati City.  She loves dog and cats, taking photos, reading the classics and modern literature. A regular girlfriend that loves to shop, travel, and sometimes listens to rock and reggae music.  She's also a self-confessed frustrated chef that loves to cook and bake for her family and friends.  She said she's not afraid of heights, although she admitted that she has fear of falling. When in Makati City, you might find her dining in your favorite restaurant with her friends and colleagues.

Lovely (Correspondent) is presently living somewhere in the Middle East where she also works as a ground staff in an International Airport. Finished Mass Communications in 2005. Born in the province of Bulacan, she likes to sing, read inspiring books, take pictures, listen to gospel, country and alternative music, have bubble baths and watch classic and contemporary movies. Loves her family so much. She is adventurous and takes interest in trying new things. Enjoys shopping and eating out but most of the time would rather stay at home and cook. She wants to explore the Philippines and visit at least half of its 7,107 islands.  A perfect travel buddy and food companion.