Monday, September 11, 2006

marikina city tour part two

this video is the second part of the marikina city tour which i filmed on the 1st of november , 2005.

this showcases the beauty of freedom park during all saints' day in the philippines. everyone's busy buying flowers and candles for their departed ones. freedom park is located right infront of the municipal hall of marikina. this is where locals usually meet. this is also a good place to watch students doing their school rehearsals. teatro marikina is the center for marikina's finest performers. students, teachers, parents, visitors, and even tv personalities come here to watch weekly performances. marikina sports complex, formerly known as marikina sports center, has been fully renovated. former city mayor, bayani fernando (also called BF by the locals), decided to tear down the walls and replace them with iron fences wires instead, to attract the locals. a fountain was even built along shoe avenue, corner sumulong highway, which reminds me of the alamo.
amang rodriguez medical center is the biggest hospital in marikina city and is curretly being expanded. we also have a new community mall called the blue wave mall, which opened december of last year. it is a very nice and cozy place for family activities which also houses good restaurants like superbowl of china, shakey's, gerry's grill, kentucky fried chicken, starbucks coffee, yellow cab pizza, kitaro, and others.

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