Friday, November 24, 2006

angono's higante festival


the higante festival is one of the reasons why visitors keep on coming back to angono, rizal. loud bands, colorful costumes, children laughing, dancing effigies of giants in native costumes, and people throwing water to each other; these are the things you will see during this festivity.
although the higantes (tagalog word for giant) do not have anything to do with angono's patron saint, san clemente who is the patron saint of the fishermen, local artists still take time to make these attractive papier-mache puppets.


a viewer of beauty said...

Wencel, maganda. maganda. the link to your pictures was forwarded to me by a friend. your camera is probably happy to be handled by an excellent and unselfish mind. thanks for sharing your creations.

chino said...

ang cute ng mga higantes . excited na ko