Monday, June 25, 2007

the probe team 2007

the probe team is a newsmagazine program which first aired in 1987, headed and founded by cecilia "cheche" lazaro, which also plays the host and executive producer. i've always dreamed of working for her and her program. i've always admired cheche for her courage and strength both as a host and also as a female. she is the keystone of the program and a living proof that women can also be both smart and tough. the probe team airs every wednesday, right after the late night news.

click here to visit their official website and read more about the program and even watch some of their episodes.


tutubi said...

transfered channel some time ago
wasn't able to watch it now since I got hooked into something else :)

lino said...

great show, the best investigative program... and it's back to it's original home now on channel 2.

Ferdz said...

I enjoy watching the probe team din. Even though palipat lipat sila ng channel. The quality of their program is still there. Galing din ni Che che Lazaro