Friday, July 13, 2007

an old letter from tuguegarao

i was looking through my old things in my cabinet when i accidentally came across an old letter. i've read it and found out that it was from a girl named julie. she's the closest cousin of my friend, eduardo dela rosa.
eduard, as i used to call him, was a very close friend. he was working as a full-time missionary for our church in the 4th ward in parang, marikina branch. he was a very nice guy, quite talkative fellow. i was working with our own missionaries in marikina 3rd ward as their ward missionary, and they all lived in the same apartment, together with the other elders from marikina 2nd ward. in 1999, eduard finished his mission and went back to tuguegarao where he worked and studied. we would write each other letters and would say our hi's and hello's, making sure that we'd never lose our contact. he promised that he would come visit me in manila in december of 2000 and attend a session in our temple in white plains, quezon city. i wrote him more than three letters before december to confirm our meeting but i never got any reply from him. i thought he never came up with the money for his trip to manila and was so busy with his work and study. on the 7th of march, 2001, i received this letter from julie and she explained to me what really happened.

it's been six years since it happened but still, my mind and my heart feel restless. all this time, i've been feeling this need to visit tuguegarao and find out what really happened. the only thing that i have to remind me of him were the memories and a photo of the two of us. i would like to visit my old friend and let him know how much he has been missed. i think i will.


Beckee and Wes said...

Wencel, thank you for letting me know about elder Dela Rosa. I remember him well. I hope all is well with his family. Let me know if you find out any more information.


deegee said...

wenchel..add mo ko sa mga blog link mo.oki? :) ano na balita?

Ferdz said...

Very tragic passing naman. It's hard to loose a friend talaga so early in life. Maybe you should try to visit. You may get the closure you need from that event

biyahengpinoy said...

thank you guys for all your support. i will visit tuguegarao someday. hopefully, this year.