Tuesday, August 07, 2007

marikeno blog's my newest blog

marikeno is my newest blog and it's all about marikina city; the people, places, food, the restaurants, establishments, buildings, friends, anyone, anything, anywhere, any topic about marikina. you will see it all here. this will be regularly updated, that i promise you. it is because i don't have to ask for a vacation leave from work just to gather things to post. they're all just within our city.

click the image above to visit marikeno, or click here.


deegee said...

bakit di ka nag alt-164? ñ? hihihi! dami mo na blog ah..

watson said...

Thanks for this. Will visit your site and plan on going to Marikina and buy shoes for me and my wife! Sana may guide on how to go there if you're commuting, and where to buy stuff, and points of interest, and where to stay for the night. Ang dami ko bang hiling? hehe

biyahengpinoy said...

deegee, wala nang alt-164 para madaling puntahan ng bisita kahit bago lang sila sa internet at computer. :)

watson, meron namang info like that don. click mo lang ang direction link sa side ng blog para makita mo ang directions on how to go to marikina. bisita ka na sa aming bayan. :)