Monday, October 08, 2007

tour me

this blog is about my philippine travel. i love to eat filipino food. i love swimming in philippine beaches. i love meeting my fellow filipinos. i love my country very much, and it shows. every now and then, i make sure that i request for a leave from work for at least 7 days, and try to get away from it, to be free, to relax, and to enjoy life. i love traveling to different places in the islands which i've never been to or even heard of. so some of you might ask, how do i do that?

first, i search the internet or sometimes i read travel books and magazines. other times, i'd ask a close friend where his province is, and how is it like being in that place. it would normally take me a month or two just to do a full research about a specific place. i usually ask the same questions during research; how to get there, what to expect, what to bring, what to eat, where to stay, what to see, what my itinerary would be, and how much.

second, i usually ask a friend's friend to tour me or hire a professional tour guide to show me around the place. if my friend is currenty living in my destination, i would ask him if he can personally tour me instead of just giving out directions.

third, i pack my bags, prepare my equipment (camera, camcorder, batteries, recording medias, etc.), leave, and enjoy.

so, if you are living somewhere in the philippines, and you feel like being "charitable" to me, and would like to tour me in your area, brag about your province and email me at it would be nice to have a local with me to show me your beautiful place. please tell me things about yourself, the city you live in, and why it should be featured.


watson said...

You've been to Baguio already eh. Sayang! But then again, I'm not really much of a tour guide because since I lived there practically my entire life, I usually just spend my time at home, ignoring the tourist paths. Sometimes people ask me where to go ever since I started my Baguio blog, so I have just started to roam around the city where I was born.

How about you touring us in your town instead?

biyahengpinoy said...

watson, sige ba. akala ko naman kung ano na. :)

fran =) said...

the way we prepare for a trip is very similar :) me rin i rely on doing my own research before going on a trip to make sure i wont miss out on the must-sees and the must-tries :)

jadz said...

oh... have to fix my jaw, my mouth is opening voluntarily... =>

this is my first time to see your blogs, i don't know if those are popular blogs in the net, it was so amazing surfing here, a wonderful experience.

your blog is superb!
from biyahengpinoy, marikeno, sagada, up to ROOSEVELT COLLEGE MARIKINA, absolutely fantastic!


jadz... certified rooseveltian from marikina

dH0n!E said...

hey... newbie here. travel is also one of my greatest weakpoint i really love to go to places here in the philippines... been to some places in the north, now i like to try sgada but i usually have a problem on having somebody to travel with. kainis tlga un. di ko p kc na try mgtravel mg isa. any advice naman po jan...

biyahengpinoy said...

wow, rooseveltian ka pala jadz. nice to meet you. and thank you for visiting ALL of my blogs. i hope that you will visit again.

dhonie, i'm not sure what kind of advice you need. but i should tell you that traveling alone is something that everyone should try. masaya and you get to focus more on your travel and itinerary. i can help you out when you visit sagada.

Anonymous said...

have u been to olongapo?

Anonymous said...

have u been to Subic? if u consider coming over Olongapo, you might need my help..

anyway, i'd like to ask advice too about touring vigan....a cheap place i can stay for two nights..

God bless..happy heart's day!

biyahengpinoy said...

i've been to olongapo before and even made a video and took pictures. although i might need your help if i come visit again since i haven't seen all of olongapo.

i've only stayed in two hotels in vigan: vigan plaza hotel (expensive but great service) and grandpa's inn is cheaper although i'm not really that satisfied with their service. try shopping around for best deals. you can start by visiting this link: