Monday, December 10, 2007

saint andrew's theological seminary part 02

november 30th 2007 marked the silver jubilee celebration of the saint andrew's theological seminary located along e. rodriguez avenue in quezon city.

they 've had a week long of fiesta celebration, a grand alumni home coming, children's art exhibits, sports activities, lectures, and dance presentations. i was fortunate to be invited by a friend at the said event, and i never knew that there was such event right in the heart of quezon city.
samba-likhaan is a very solemn place only a 5-minute walk from the seminary. it is a nice place where young artists stay for some quiet time, and get inspirations with their work. i was so surprised that a place like this can be found within manila.

betsy reodica, the woman in charge of the children's arts exhibit, was so nice to answer all of my questions about their exhibit. thank you betsy. i would also like to thank the people that helped me in covering this event: lendehl salidao, piyo tuagan, and george kaslangan.

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