Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sagada annual fiesta

this was my first time to attend sagada's annual fiesta, held on february 1-3. i arrived in sagada on january 30th so i can take pictures of the fiesta preparation. she looked so different during fiesta. there were so many people in town, everyone was busy, no one was sitting, and everyone was moving around. i took a deep breath and said to myself, "welcome to sagada."

first day of the celebration. i've witnessed their street parade which started from demang, up to the town proper, poblacion. mostly children, and some were faculty members from sagada national high school, and saint mary's school. some were wearing their school uniforms, some were wearing the mass demonstration costume, and some were on their traditional costumes. it was only 7am and the street was half filled with people joining the parade. i even saw a group in their native costumes with two guys walking infront wearing cabbages and eggplants. everyone thought that it was funny. everyone proceeded to the basketball court in poblacion for the cultural presentation.  

the cultural presentation was really both educational and entertaining. my eyes feasted with everything that i've seen. i've had my friends with me to explain to me all the rituals which were being staged. i looked around and i saw people everywhere and no one was sad. i've also noticed that igorots have great sense of humor because it showed in their presentation. it was a great day both for me and my camera.

saggas played soccer againts the other guiding association, sega. saggas won scoring 6-3. click here to watch the video.
second day of celebration. i heard that there were some sports events held in poblacion but i was so caught into rice planting.

third day of celebration. i went to poblacion in the afternoon to watch the tug-of-war game. it was really fun watching it. as a matter of fact, it was the most amusing program/game they've had in the entire fiesta celebration. sometimes, i would get hungry and i''d go run to katrina's stall. there is nothing more rewarding than to have a hot cup of brewed coffee and a slice of katrina's her egg pie on a cold cloudy sunday afternoon in sagada.


lateralus said...

Woah. May piyesta pala sa Sagada. :p

May banderitas din ba sila?

By the way, http://visitsagada.com is now up. :)

Bill Bilig said...

Hey, didn't realize that you were there. I was there the first day but had to get down to Manila.

I added you in my blogroll, btw :-)

Sidney said...

Interesting video! Nicely done... I will put this on my list of places & fiestas to visit.