Wednesday, July 07, 2010

usapan with jimmy bondoc

jimmy bondoc is one of today's premiere philippine musical artists.  he's quite notable for his smash hit song "let me be the one."  he's a singer,  composer, and also a producer, rolled into one single stardom.  at an early age of 35, he had already recorded six albums, which contained mostly original compositions.  he is currently promoting his newest album called "ang mahiwagang bisikleta at ang huling makata" which to him, is his most personal album to date.

meeting jimmy for the first time was something i've never imagined.  i would have to thank my friend, paolo santos (a fellow sabado four) and his wife jiji, for being so nice in introducing me to jimmy.  paolo invited me to come to one of his gigs along timog avenue in quezon city for a short meeting about our interview.  he said jimmy's coming over to watch the show, so he might as well introduce me to him to be interviewed.  no one knew that it was the start of a good friendship.

paolo just finished singing his first set.  i was so shy to come to paolo's table so i texted him, told him that i was inside the bar already.  he told me to approach him and his wife at a table near the stage.  i soon realized that jimmy was already with them.  i was warmly welcomed by paolo and jiji.  jimmy quickly followed with a brisk but tight handshake together with a very big smile.  he was actually very nice and humble contrary to what i was expecting.  it wasn't too hard to ask for a cd autograph from him.  immediately for some reason, i felt that i was in the right kind of group and that i belonged.

amidst the loud music, bright lights, and mild smoke, jimmy and i talked about his music, while he was drinking a glass of his favorite red wine.  he was so excited to tell me about his upcoming indie album, at the moment i did not know the title yet.  but he sounded so happy just thinking of it.  he promised that he will give me a preview of his newest album.  

offstage, he's just a regular person that loves his family, eats out, and meets friends.  he's not into glamour or fashion and stays happy wearing his regular white shirt, black jeans, and shoes.  he also tells jokes which i really loved the most.  but onstage, when he plays his guitar and starts to sing, he's a star.  i remember the first time i heard him sing in person that night, he sang a rendition of side a's pangako.  his voice was like harmonica to my ears.  his eyes were sparkling with feelings, almost palpable.  through his performance, i could see his soul and i knew that through his music, he's an honest person.  several meetings after with jimmy and we became really good friends.

mahiwagang bisikleta, just like his previous albums is a musical journey of jimmy's personal life.  listening to his songs is like looking through the windows of his soul.  it will let you know him better, as a person and as an artist.  i'm very proud to say that i am a living testament of the exceptional musical artistry of the musikero man, jimmy bondoc.  his current album is now available.  you may order thru us ( or thru musikero100.  jimmy has a regular gig at party avenue every monday nights at 9pm.  click here or here or here to listen to a preview of mahiwagang bisikleta.


Jini said...

san ko poh ba mabibili lahat, from first to the latest CD's nya?

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Ang alam namin, all his past albums are available sa mga record bars. But just in case they're OOP (out of print), you would have to order first sa kanila and they would check if they have stock in their warehouse. If you like to use the internet to order, I think you can also buy them from We're still waiting for Jimmy's signal before we could start distributing his latest album. You may also buy his album from any Musikero100. We will inform you as soon as it becomes available. Thank you Jini.

Jini said...

aw..OK.. thank you din.. galing na kasi ako ng Sm, Clark, SM Pampanga, Robinson Starmills, Marquee Mall ayala Angeles City. lahat ng malls na malapit dito sa lugar ko napuntahan ko na pero out of stock daw ang any of his CD's.. siguro nga kelangan ko na itry na bumili online.. by the way thanks and more power poh sa inyo :-)

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

We will ask Jimmy if he has copies of his past albums. We will email you his answer. Thank you Jini.

o0jopak0o said...

well i remember jimmy bondoc when he played in our school i didnt know that he was a joker.