Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 most affordable foods in marikina (part 3)

doing this comprehensive list of 30 most affordable foods in marikina city was something we have never imagined doing. it was no easy task. we never thought that it would be possible for us to visit all of them. we were skeptic at first but because of our determination and the persuasive powers of our readers, we were able to pull it off. the result was so great and overwhelming. so before we give you the last part of our list, let me also inform you all that we are currently planning on organizing a food tour in marikina city. our aim is to promote the city's food industry and to help boost its tourism. we hope that you will support this event. please regularly check our invitation for more updates and information. this event is an open invitation to all your food lovers.

again, we would like to thank our avid readers for giving us your suggestions. we also thank the following food establishments for helping us accomplish this enormous feat: 3 bears restaurant, bacolod chicken parilla, bite resto bar, boy yoghurt, boyong's buffet, cafe arabiscato, cafe lidia, casa feliz cakes, dee coffee house, estela's goto, johnny's fried chicken, jojie's barbeque, kaypee indian restaurant, krung thai, locupleto cafe, lovellitos chicken inasal, lunchbox, luyong's restaurant, macky's eatery, mama chit's, marikeƱos fried chicken, mexiquina's bar and restaurant, oggo and jullz grill, pan de amerikana, pap's diner, pic a pie bakeshop, pot-ling, qizia cafe, red paint bar, and sweet maddies avenue. let's all supporting these wonderful entrepreneurs. i dedicate this article to my loving grandmother.

pot-ling pancit luglog (p15) is one of their best sellers in this carinderia style place in parang. they're quite popular in their area because of their delicious food but super affordable. kare-kare with rice and soup is just p35. they also serve other lutong bahay like kare-kare and sisig. #32 ml quezon street; 0920-8396533.
mexiquina's bar and restaurant crispy tawilis (p70) is a perfect spicy pulutan garnished with onions and hot chilis. also try their amazing buffalo wings (p150), while you drink booze, and listen to their cool music. opens daily at 5pm. located along ming ramos street, sta elena. tell them you've read about them here.
boy yogurt frozen yogurt (p40) with fresh bananas, topped with dried mango bits and graham. just add P5 for additional toppings. rainy days are here to stay yet it's still not too late to have this cold hearty treat. they also offer ice cream crepe for a sweet tooth like me. they're located at #115 a mabini street, san roque; 646-7428.
estela's goto special goto (p20) is a very popular goto in marikina city since 1973. not oily and has a garlicky taste. truly marikina. make sure you visit them. personal favorites are saba con yelo (p10), lumpiang ubod (p25), and tokwa't baboy (p20). opens daily from 8am-7pm. #21 villalon street, sto nino; 0918-5515156.
boyong's everlasting (p30/slice) is always present during marikina family events and occassions, thus explains its name. they're celebrating 12th year in business. must try their pastas, waknatoy (p40), burgers, and korean barbeque (p40). opens mondays to saturdays 6am-5pm.  #13 e dela paz st, san roque; 682-0403, 682-5615.
3 bears restaurant papa bear's sisig (p99) is a lechon kawali placed on a sizzling plate, with special gravy that only they can offer. skin was very crunchy; meat so tender and juicy. we also recommend their longsilog ala vigan (p49), and fish and fries (p89). they're located at #8 saint mary avenue, provident village; 369-8430.
pic a pie bakeshop ensaimada (p17) is both a perfect snack and dessert to all ages. make sure you visit them early in the morning because they run out of them quickly. they're also famous for their sansrival and very affordable silvanas (p11). they've moved to their newer location at #4k e. jacinto street, sto nino; 515-0053.
red paint bar sizzling scramble (p90) is egg omelet mixed with sliced onions and hotdogs, placed neatly on a sizzling plate. enjoy this while drinking beer and listening to cool music or while playing billard with your friends. try their crispy tenga (p125). they're located at #114 a. bonifacio avenue, tanong; 482-1672.
krung thai fried rice (p99) is mixed with shrimps, onion, and other fresh veggies, perfect with egg, cucumber and calamansi. they serve the best thai tea (39) here. tom yam (p150) is good for 2 persons. overflowing with hot spicy goodness and taste of fresh seafoods. marcos cruz st. corner wc paz, sta elena; 646-4041.
luyong restaurant miki bihon with lechon (p160/3 persons) is loaded with fresh veggies and juicy lechon kawali chunks. they've been around since 1974.  the most popular restaurant in marikina city. try their sweet and sour pork (p150), and lumpia shanghai (p150). shoe avenue, sto nino; 941-4872, 942-0740.


apple said...

wow!!kuya,,ang ganda na ng site mo,,:) congrats!:) muwah!!muwah!!

Gel said...

This is amazing. I used to think of Marikina solely as a breeding ground for jejemons and the cycling kingdom of Bayani Fernando, but this blog entry has proven me wrong. There's actually more to Marikina than meets the eye. It's home to several affordable eating spots, which, since featured in this blog, I assume, serve quality meals.

Perhaps I'll add the places listed here into my bucket list of restaurants to visit.

Thanks! :)

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Apple, kapatid nga kita. :) Gel, we're glad that we're able to introduce Marikina to you as a possible destination for food trip. :)

Anonymous said...

so cool site!!! try also rocha's puto of marikina.. one of the best puto in the place... i think 30 is not enough.. there's still plenty of places to visit marikina.. like goto garahe (la paz batchoy), Meyok's grill and bar (Spare Ribs Kaldereta), bamboo grill (Dynamite), Mang Totoy's panciteria. and so many more. :)

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Oo nga eh, pero parang masyado na kasing marami pag susobra sa 30 ang ililista namin. Oo masarap daw ang Rocha's Puto pero I haven't tried that yet. Please provide us the addresses of those you've mentioned para macheck namin. Thank you. :)

Luyong said...


Great blog. Anyway, thank you for our mention in your blog. It was a great read. If you have time, you can also visit our site at http://www.luyongrestaurant.com/

Hope to see you all at Luyong!

Thanks again!

Vena said...

Masarap din ang food sa katabi ni Boyongs, magkapatid ata may-ari..super sarap ng PASTA nila!!!!! Pati burgers, grilled and yummy! And nagtitinda na rin sila ng Puto bumbong at bibingka, sobrang sarap di promise! Try nyo!

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Thanks Luyong for the visit. WE will also try your A Tuazon branch some time. :) Great website you have you.

Vena, Boyong's din daw ata ang name nung katabi nila. Magkapatid kasi ang owners.

Noel Gary said...

Great blog! I live in Marikina and I also love going around for a food trip with my wife. This blog gave us a hint for our next food trip adventure.

You should expand your list to another 30 more affordable foods (Season 2) since there are a lot of great foods around in Marikina.

More power to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. :) Maybe you might want to feature this great theme cafe along Rainbow St. Hacienda Heights, across St. paul of the Cross Parish.. SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL CAFE. Good food and music!

Betsy G said...

I'm a proud resident of Marikina and this list covers a lot of the places we already frequent and then some.

And yes to Gel, who earlier commented that she thought of Marikina as breeding ground for jejemons, there is more to our town as you thought wrongly.

Thanks Biyaheng Pinoy for posting this!

candid said...

i really want to try cafe lidia, a lot of my friends said the food there was great,kudos biyaheng pinoy :)