Monday, April 02, 2007

firemen of binondo, manila

i was visiting binondo when i saw this fire station located right next to the binondo church. there we firemen washing their truck. there's one purple firetruck and the other one's an ambulance. i've asked permission first if i could take their pictures. they've said it's okay. i told them not to mind me and just continue what they were doing.

dennis is one of the volunteer firemen stationed in binondo, manila. he is a graduate student of the university of the philippines manila. he said that he works in the fire station part-time. it's a volunteer work so he doesn't earn from doing it. i thought that he likes what he is doing. there were about ten firemen, and just like dennis, they also work voluntarily.

i've noticed the color of their truck, thinking it might mean something, so i've asked him why the firetruck was painted in purple. he said that the owner of it is a filipino-chinese that is into ube business. it put a smile on my face.


watson said...

Hello. Visiting from clickthecity where you left your blog address at the vigan article. That's one of the places my wife and I plan to visit one day.

I come from Baguio and I like talking about Baguio City. I like the photos you did for the Cathedral. Beautiful!

Will visit again and read up on your other posts. And link you up too. Hope you don't mind.

Senor Enrique said...

The ube-colored firetruck! One of the many interesting sights in Binondo!

tutubi said...

must be the owner of Eng Bee Tin you saw there :)

will add you to my blogroll so I can visit you more often :)

juanitosee said...

Four fire trucks are parked in binondo Church. And yet, the Eliong Fire incident happened where 5 persons perished. Eliong is located less than 100 meters from Binondo Fire Brigade.
What happened?? What lessons can be learned?

juanitosee said...

Eng bee tin ube hopia has food colors and is banned by USA FDA under import alert. Food colors are made from coal tar