Tuesday, April 24, 2007

cynthia alexander

not all filipinos know who cynthia alexander is, but all filipinos who know good music know her and her music.

her groundbreaking initial album entitled "insomia & other lullabyes" was released in 1997 and became an instant favorite among alternative listeners and was greeted with massive critical acclaim. songs like "insomia" and "comfort in your strangeness" sounded so fresh yet familiar were just some of the most requested songs in nu107. she was nominated for best new artist and best bass player at the 1997 nu107 rock awards, and also at the 1998 katha music awards were she received 15 nominations, winning for best new artist and best alternative music album. she has recorded a total of three full-length albums; all of them were highly-praised by the music critics and fellow musicians. her debut album was followed by "rippingyarns" in 2000, and "comet's tail" in 2005.

in tribute to cynthia's exceptional knowledge and unselfish talent for music, i will have her music play in my listening section for a month. cynthia performs often at 70's bistro in anonas, quezon city.


watson said...

I'm stuck in the 80s. hahaha. we're in different time zones. I've gotten so comfy with songs I grew up with that I rarely listen to whatever is new. I'm a fan of the talk show portions of magic 89.9 though.

rhodora said...

Hi! My kids love Cynthia Alexander's songs, so I also kind of love her music too.

I am lucky despite my age, I am quite knowledgeable of contemporary music because of my kids. There was a time I was addicted to Barbie's Cradle songs. But lately, I have no particular favorites. I only like listening to Sugar Free's 'Kuwarto' over and over. hehehe.

Ferdz said...

I'm a big fan of Cynthia Alexander. I even have all her albums. And I was quite honored as well my album review of Comet's Tail is up on her official website. Great music from a great artist