Friday, May 11, 2007

driftwood beach resort

credits: photos taken in driftwood resort, olongapo
software used: sony vegas movie studio
music: "rosalia de souza" by maria moita
video edited, directed, and produced by wencel angeles


Citizen of the World said...

Nice choice of music.

Senor Enrique said...

I was in Netopia yesterday but their online connection was even slower than my dial-up so, I asked for my money back.

I will see this video one way or another.

Did you know that we spent a lot of time in this particular beach resort when we were kids? It's not too far from White Rock Beach, right? And it is close to my father's barrio where we summered throughout our childhood.

watson said...

You are one talented guy. Wish I can do that too. Do you use a Mac?

tutubi said...

near white rock? hmmm

anyway, you seem to like J Pop music too judging from your links :)

exchange links? :)

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Citizen, Thank you. I'm glad you liked the music.

Senor, So you're from this place? Nice.

Watson, Thank you for you comment. Pero lumang luma na ito. I know it's not your fault that I replied to your comment too late. :)

Tutubi, I've removed all the Jpop music links. This is Biyaheng Pinoy. My blog's not supposed to be like that. Haha.