Thursday, June 07, 2007

surviving sagada (photos)

pictures were taken during my first visit to sagada on may 31st, 2007

update: the beauty of sagada left me speechless. my pictures and video told everyone how much i've loved every minute of it, and thought that sharing them to the rest of the world would be enough. six months after my first visit to sagada, words started to flow, like the cool clear waters coming from the falls of sagada. i thought i was hearing the laughters of the igorot kids, the rushing of water inside the caves, and the whispers of the wind running through my ears. i've never felt so alive in my life.

i would like to thank the wonderful people of sagada:

john - thank you for the wonderful guiding service. i would have never seen sagada the way that you have shown me.

andrew - for sharing me good music. it brightens up my day each time i listen to it.

- your friendship means a lot to me and i will always keep it next to my heart.

saggas team - thank you for the wonderful moments. it was one heck of a ride. you guys are the best. i saw sagada thru you, and it was so unforgettable.


tutubi said...

sarap dyan sagada...
sana makabalik ako dyan someday

btw, linked you up already :)

watson said...

Beautiful photos. All the more that I want to visit Sagada soon. Parang kayong dalawa lang nung guide pumasok sa cave ah! You went to sagada alone?

Senor Enrique said...

Based on your photos, it seemed like a wonderful journey you had. I'd like to go there also one of these days.

Philippines Travel Blog said...

i love the photos... i hope i can go back to sagada soon

Rayburn said...

Been there at the Sagada caves twice. You've got excellent photos by the way. Thanks for keeping such blog.

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