Friday, June 22, 2007

surviving sagada (video)

video clips were shot in
sagada, mountain province
software: sony vegas movie studio version 6
music: "yogga" and "san kadwa" sung by tebag
video recorded, edited, produced, directed by wencel angeles
special thanks to john magwilang and gareth likigan of saggas.
important update: if you are interested in getting the entire original tebag album where i got the music i've used in this video from, please email me at
thank you tebag for sharing this wonderful music to us.


Ferdz said...

Man I really enjoyed this video. It just captures what Sagada is! I've been herethrice already and I still want to go back again.

Bloghopped from Eric :D

chie said...

bloghopped from gareth / saggas :)

Nice vid/pics. Reminded me of my trip about a month ago.. ah.. makes me wanna go back.

Norton said...

I really enjoy what you have done. Thanks for sharing us with such a brilliant video.