Wednesday, December 12, 2007

clickthecity features siquijor

clickthecity starts airing my siquijor video today. this is a follow-up to my sagada video which was featured in the same site two weeks ago. anyway, thank you for the overwhelming support i got from you guys with that video. some said that siquijor island is mystical, full of mystery. i was warned and adviced not to go, but what the heck, i'm still excited to go. i never saw anything like that, instead, i've found some of the nicest people in the planet. click here to see the video in clickthecity.


LAWSTUDE said...

i love the place and have been recommending it to my friends. warm people, spectacular views and historical churches.

great video, by the way, i am becoming a fan. keep it up.

A Simple Life said...

Hi! You have a very interesting blog, I like your articles at least I get to see these places.

Have a nice day!