Tuesday, September 30, 2008

estela's goto

you are not from marikina city if you haven't tried estela's goto, located at #478 villalon street, sto. nino.

their goto is the best one that i've had so far and it only costs p15 per order. you should also try their fried lumpia, fresh lumpia na hubad, and also tokwa't baboy. you will have a full stomach for only p50 or less.


zahflo said...

Wow. I have lived in Marikina for more than 10 years but I haven't really explored it. How do you get to this place (estela's goto) from Bayan? I live in SSS and I only visited Pan de Amerikana last year. Maganda pala loob nun. Will visit the world of butterflies tomorrow. :-)

biyahengpinoy said...

if you're coming from cubao, after you cross the marikina bridge, you turn right to jp rizal st, and then you turn left at the first alley. that is villalon street. it usually opens at 8am and closes at 8pm. enjoy.

zahflo said...

wow, right in time for my monday nights. I usually take the calumpang jeep from katipunan because it's hard to get a ride to sss during rush hours. then I get off at jp rizal. hmm...

thanks for the info! :-)

deegee said...

bakit di mo pagkakitaan ang blog mo? i swear kikita ka..
pictorial ka naman sa cubao expo.. andun lang ako. text mo ko. email ko sayo number ko.

Manila Photojournalism said...

Hmmm ... I'll probably check out this eatery. Thanks for sharing :)

watson said...

yeah, there are places in a certain locality that you simply have to know and has visited at least once to be a bona fide member of that place. Baguio also has a few of those places. And it's also about food.

Josh of Arabia said...

im glad to stumble upon ur site..we're from marikina din po..and yah, this estela is a part of my growing life..:)

katuwa, ..my regards.

biyahengpinoy said...

deegee, next time na lang. i just enjoy blogging. pag di na ako masaya sa blogging, saka ko na pagkakakitaan. :)

manila photojournalism, you may visit them daily, 8am-7pm.

watson, yes, natry ko na rin yung iba sa baguio ang they're surprisingly cheap.

josh, marikeno ka rin pala ha. baka nakasabay na kitang kumain dyan?

Nexuz said...

Thanks Kuya Wencel
for your topic (our store "Estela's Goto)

If you have a time..
Please visit our store at 478 Villalon St Sto NiƱo Marikina..
well the new address number is 21

-Gerald Bonifacio
(4th Child of 1st Child of Estela Cruz)