Wednesday, September 03, 2008

biyahengpinoy says "thank you"

i must admit that i have been very lazy and was a procrastinator for these past few months, and i am saying sorry for all you readers.

anyway, as most of you already know, my blog biyahengpinoy has been nominated for best travel blog at the philippine blog awards 2008. i would like to thank everyone that supported me throughout my blogging years. let's all just hope that biyahengpinoy will be included in the short list of nominees for that category.

i was asked to submit my five (5) most favorite posts. i thought i should share them to you all and here they are, in random order:
biyahengpinoy's post "an old letter from tuguegarao" was also nominated as best single post in the travel category.
biyahengpinoy is now officially a finalist to the best blog travel category at the 2008 philippine blog awards which will be held at one esplanade, roxas boulevard.

do you want to watch pba2008 but did not register? you can watch the live video streaming of pba2008 tomorrow, september 21st at exactly 5:30pm. you can also chat while watching it. just check it at "my video streaming" section located at the right side this page or simply click on this link to watch.


ang langyaw said...

wow, congrats! hope you will win it. in my case, i wasn't so lucky.

Abad said...

congrats! burger!

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...


Burjer! Burjer!
Hehe! :)

lagalog said...

i guess we just had to say thanks in the simplest, most true-to-the-heart way :-) good luck to us!

Greg Quimpo said...

Nice being your seat-mate during the event. Will keep visiting your blog from now on. Next time ulit!

Senor Enrique said...

Congratulations to you, too!

(sagada genuine guides association inc). said...

wow, autograph burger naman dyan.. nayhahahahaha

congrats congratulations

biyahengpinoy said...

thank you guys for all your support. it's an honor itself to be nominated and to be part of this big event.