Friday, December 26, 2008

an outcry to filipino music

i would like the readers to know that i have felt so disgusted and appalled by these filipino artists who have been making revival albums. they are very talented singers, with really nice voice, but are making money out of others' work. anyway, i felt like i could not hold it in anymore and that i should say something about this matter, once and for all. below are the opm artists that i would like to exemplify:

aiza seguerra - i believe that this kid has the sweetest voice in the philippines today. from a child superstar to a gifted musician, aiza sequerra has made her crowd love her.

she surprised the filipino people when she came out with her first ever adult album, "pagdating ng panahon" in 2001. the first single, an original composition by moy ortiz and edith gallardo, "pagdating ng panahon" was an instant hit and was played on the local radio for months.

except for some original songs like "pinakamamahal," "akala mo," and the current hit "para lang sa iyo," she has been singing only revival songs. her latest album entitled, "open arms" is a beautiful compilation of old familiar songs. she did a very good job and really impressive renditions in this album. however, i thought that her talent's wasted on revival songs. my advice for her is that she has to make an all original album for once. i expect so much from her.
nyoy volante - he is both a singer and a composer. most of the songs in his first album which he collaborated with his band, mannos, were original. that cd's one of my greatest possessions and also my most played. i like his songs "what do i do?," you're my you," because of your love," and my personal favorite, "nasaan."

after his debut album, he started singing old songs like "lost in your eyes," in my life," "dreaming of you," and "(they long to be) close to you." don't get me wrong because his voice is really soothing. it's just that i thought that it was pretty gay that he is singing girly songs and they're all revival.

kyla - there is no doubt, kyla rules, she is the r&b princess, and that she can sing. i remember calling a local radio station before just to get her name after hearing her first song called "hanggang ngayon." i was very impressed with her vocal technique and that the songs in her album were all original.

two years after her first album, she released "kyla," with original songs. in 2003, she released another album called "i will be here." this time, she had a duet with the mr. pure energy himself, gary valenciano and sang an old song entitled, "sana'y maulit muli." when her album "not your ordinary girl" came out, she started singing covers like, "'til they take my heart away," "if the feeling is gone," and "make me whole," which she made them her own.

her last two albums, "heartfelt" and "heart 2 heart" were a disappointment. they both have revivals, and some songs were kind of irritating. and because of that, i've decided not to buy those albums; not worthy of my money. kyla may not be selling as many albums as the other female singers but making this kind of albums is not an option. she had recorded so many albums so she doesn't have to prove anything anymore. so again kyla, i'm telling you, i am very disappointed.

nina - the "soul siren" is still new to the music business but everyone knows how good she sings. she makes a lot of money from all the albums she's sold and most local radio stations in the philippines are playing her songs. her first songs, "2nd floor," "jealous," and "first kiss" were beautifully composed with colorful and meaningful words.

her sophomore album, "nina smile" didn't make money as much as her first album despite the original compositions. it might have prompted warner music philippines to make nina's first live album, "nina live." it worked for nina, and for months, she reigned the local charts. she made another hit in 2007 for her song, "someday."

recently, nina released "nina featuring the hits of barry manilow" which failed to establish the same impact as her other albums. it served her right for making another revival album.

m.y.m.p. - this band is the worst filipino band ever. after their first hit song, "get me," i don't remember them making another original song. they have covered all songs possible and the worst thing is, they have come up with 5 full albums already.

i don't have any personal grudge with the band members. as a matter of fact, i think that she has a nice distinct voice, but i think that what they're doing is not right. they are making money out of other fellow musicians' work. yeah, we have to admit, filipinos love revivals but how long are we going to let them fool us by stealing our money with songs that were not theirs? they're such a disgrace to all the filipino musicians.

disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog was only the blogger's opinion. it's not generalizing what all people would say or think. one's entitled to his own opinion. you may think differently but i will firmly stick to mine.


Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

I love Aiza, Nina and MYMP....

Sila ang ilan sa mga Filipino Artists natin na original talaga ang binibili kong cd...

biyahengpinoy said...

i also love aiza. got some of her cds.

yoshke said...

i love aiza and nina, but when they remake songs, im quite saddened.

Josh of Arabia said...

for easy listening, they are truly amongst the best, perhaps u dont really like revival huh' but ur right, they need to come up wd their own..

i guess their paying royalties?

biyahengpinoy said...

i respect others who like this kind of music. but personally, i don't like them. besides, it's easier to pay royalties than to make your own music. it makes me think they do that to earn easy money, not because of their love of music. :)

AudreyRose said...

it's good to hear na hindi lang pala ako yong may sentiment na ganito :) Yong Ipod ko at laptop isang song 5 versions(singers) hehehe.. kaya nagpili na lang ako kung sino masgusto kung version ng songs tapos delete na agad. Don't get me wrong ha. I also like aiza and MYMP pero it's about time na that they'll sing an original.

biyahengpinoy said...

audreyrose, i also like aiza and mymp. nasasayang lang ang talent sa pagkanta sa mga kantang di naman kanila.