Saturday, January 17, 2009

a brief history: the lemon pie house

the sagada lemon pie house is owned by joseph daoas and katrina daoas. it was joseph's mother, elena daoas, a native from candon, ilocos sur (married to bartolome daoas, originally from poblacion, sagada) that started it all. it was her original recipe and was passed to joseph that later improved the recipe to make it taste even better. 
it took 12 years for joseph to perfect the recipe. he experimented to get the right amount of flour for the crust and the right texture for the filling. it was 2 years ago when the lemon pie reached its greatest improvement. but of course, it didn't end there.

the couple opened the sagada lemon pie house to the public for the first time, but it wasn't a hit. so katrina decided to bring her lemon pies to the public market, downtown poblacion, to get better sales. soon, more and more people buy their pies, and the rest is history.

nowadays, you can taste some of their lemon pies in local stores and restaurants in sagada. just ask where the sagada lemon pie house is and anyone from town can tell you where it is. they also serve fresh brewed coffees, egg pies, and even pastries.

the sagada lemon pie house is located in atey, daoangan, sagada. click here to see their promotional video.


Sidney said...

Noted... whenever I manage to go back to Sagada I will try this lemon pie !

enJAYneer said...

just droppin by... nice site!!

biyahengpinoy said...

sidney, yes, you should definitely try the lemon pie house, and maybe you should bring your laptop with you. we're planning to install wifi this holy week. so you can blog right there.

enjayneer, thank you for visiting, and i enjoyed reading some of you post in your blog as well.