Tuesday, April 06, 2010

usapan with noel cabangon

thank you noel by vena samson

how can a song change a person’s point of view? do you believe that music can help in the development of the physical, intellectual and emotional structure of a human being? what will life be without music?

who is noel cabangon? and how did his music change my life?  noel is already a prominent icon in the music industry. aside from his very soothing voice, it also has a meaningful message in each of his songs. he also delivers other songs perfectly because he sings them along with his remarkable guitar-playing. however, i was not a fan of noel, until i saw him perform live at the conspiracy bar last wednesday night. the bar doesn’t have too many fancy and eye-catching elements, but i fully understood why it was jam-packed with fans even on a holy wednesday. judging by the look on the guests, which i personally think were professionals, you will know that they came not just to drink and to watch a performance. they came there see noel. and even though noel admitted to them that he has nothing new on his playlist, they didn’t seem to mind. it’s like they were thinking, “go ahead, noel. sing us the same songs. we just want to hear you sing”.

when i was watching him perform that night, he reminded me of eric clapton. he’s so amazing and very tough. he played for more that two hours on his first set and promised to be back for his second another set. the show started on time at 9:30pm. his voice was intact and i really felt the passion in all of his songs. after 3 or 4 songs, noel would talk a little bit, some overviews of what he’s going to sing next, and some of his visions in life. noel also have a good sense of humor, so there was no dull moment. every minute was worthwhile.

but on what aspect did noel change me after watching and listening to him? did something really change in me? the answer's yes. i was so stressed from work that day when our office suddenly assigned to do a very difficult, to be accomplished by monday, the first working day after holy week. i was really upset because i've been always looking forward to long weekends like this  it's a time when i can cope up and spend my quality time with my family.  but now it’s a wreck. all i want to do was to go home and sleep hoping that this heavy load inside my chest would disappear. i was thankful that my friend wencel convinced me to go with him at conspi and watch noel's performance after our interview for biyaheng pinoy. not only the stress went away but i felt that i even became more productive because the day after, i thought of a better solution to my work assignment. and one more thing, i realized the joy of knowing that you are important to somebody. all conflicts in life must be treated as a challenge and not a burden, and it’s very fulfilling to conquer them all. even in my own personal life, where my world seems to turn around only for my one and only son. i can now say that i’m ready to face all the challenges. but of course with a same amount of caution so as not to abuse myself and in order for me to really give my all to him.

maybe these were just here in my heart all this time. i just don’t seem to notice them. but, all of these came to life after i have listened to very beautiful music. holy week has never been this smooth and peaceful. and i’m not afraid anymore of getting back to work on monday. thank you noel. not only for giving us the opportunity to be with you and know you, but also for sharing to us your unselfish talent. i would say that you are truly a genuine filipino artist and an honest man that has more to give. thank you noel.

if that's not enough, you may click here to view more photos of noel cabangon.  plus more live video performances of noel cabangon, with his permission, of course. 

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Charmine de Guzman said...

I really adore and admire Sir Noel Cabangon. Aside from chocolates, He's also my stress reliever. I hope I can meet him in person. To witness personally how great he is. To take pictures with him na ipo-profile picture ko. Hihi. At kung mas swwertehin, sana maka-duet ko kahit di ako msyado magaling. Wah! Lord, kahit ayun lang po mangyare sa 18th bday ko! Hahaha. God bless you lolo Noel! :)) iloveyoooou! :)